WordPress Update Advice

Hello everyone! For all of you that have noticed, there’s a new (and important) update available for WordPress. Version 2.9 features can be found here.  I write this post for people who have had troubles upgrading their WordPress in the past or recently using the automatic service provided. A typical problem with automatic upgrades looks […]

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Nanobot Extreme!!! Ver. 0.1.1

Hello everyone and thank you for your patience. We have finally put together a working demo of our game for you to test out.  For those of you who do not attend UWSP, the premise of the game course we have is for each group to spend a significant amount of time researching an assigned […]

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Nanobot Extreme Screen Captures Pt. 2

Here’s some fresh new screen captures from the latest testing of Nanobot Extreme!!! We’ve combined all of our parts so that now we have a file that has everything tied together. We’ve also cleaned up the code a little, got the hit detection working, the skeleton code for the UI and leveling up has been […]

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Events in Flex 3

The following tutorial demonstrates how events can be handled in Adobe Flex Builder 3 using an event listener or listening through the MXML code.  When finished with the code, you should see an Alert window pop up, and two events being fired simultaneously when a button is clicked.  You’ll also notice an event being fired […]

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New Directions for the Site

As some of you may have noticed, I have been making some changed to how I have organized some of my content on the site. I am doing this because I plan on introducing a number of new sections in the upcoming months that focus on providing more content for the people who kindly visit […]

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Nanobot Extreme Screen Captures

As promised, I’ve decided to put up some of the screen captures for the game we’ve created called Nanobot Extreme.  The game is still an ongoing project and the photos demonstrate the development of the game. The title text for the game was made in Adobe Illustrator using the Bauhaus 93 font with a 3 […]

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October and November Updates

I’ve noticed that it’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog and actually wrote about some of the things I have been up to the past few months. Most of my posts lately have revolved around the Religious Studies adjunct I have been leading throughout the semester. While this is fine and dandy, I’ve been […]

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How to Set Up Office Word 2007 to Publish WordPress Posts

In this tutorial, I will show you how simple it is to set up Microsoft Office Word 2007 for posting WordPress posts to your blog.  It’s a really nice feature for those who spend a lot of time writing their blogs in Word and then pasting them into WordPress, or for those whose posts are […]

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September Updates

Hello everyone! September has already been a busy month for me with school starting and making time for the jobs I work and some social time.  In any case, I’m still working at Planet Label and have been trying to find ways to incorporate the work I do for them into my class activities.  So […]

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How to Remove Personal Antivirus from Your PC

For the past few months, I’ve had a fair amount of people come to me with a problem that involves an application called Personal Antivirus (PAV) that installs itself on the user’s machine.  Everyone who has confronted me about this software was unaware of how it was installed and concerns about the results that the […]

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