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DC Metro Theater Arts - Chicago WordPress Developer Brett Widmann

Project Overview

DC Metro Theater Arts is a theater review and performing arts digital publication that required a rebranding and redesign with mobile first in mind. The website also serves as a hub for theater events in the Washington, DC and surrounding areas. My responsibilities included:

  • Work with the client to create a performance friendly, but visually appealing experience
  • Ability to customize and utilize ad placements
  • Functionality to include ticket purchase links within articles
  • Create custom templates to feed and display third party information via RESTful services
  • Create experience to reflect re-branding effort

Additional Information

I still actively maintain and manage this site for the client and enhance and update the site per client and business requests on a regular basis.

Client Testimonial

Brett Widmann has been the web designer for DC Metro Theater Arts since its inception in 2012. He has become an indispensable member of our team. Brett is always on hand when the site needs emergency work, and his knowledge of web design has allowed us to remain a top-ranking site in our field. When we did a massive redesign of our website last year, Brett was instrumental in taking the site to the next level with a sleek, professional, and user-friendly design. I am grateful for all he does for our business.

Nicole Hertvik - DC Metro Theater Arts
Nicole Hertvik

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