Future of Wealth

Future of Wealth via The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program, by Chicago WordPress Developer Brett Widmann
Project Type: WordPress
Utilizes: Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Types, Gated Content, Gravity Forms, MailChimp, OptinMonster

Project Overview

The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program wanted to release a free e-book containing essays with the intent on advancing wealth management and wealth solutions geared toward the bottom half of wealth distribution and households of color. The focal point of the website is to have visitors download the full e-book, its sections, or individual chapters from the book after a visitor fills out a basic opt-in form powered by OptinMonster.

One challenge in the project included extending and modifying the functionality of the opt-in form in order to download all or parts of the book. As a visitor, once I fill out the form once, I should be able to download anything on the site that incorporates the form. OptinMonster doesn’t natively have this feature, so I solved this by writing a block of jQuery that would toggle the OptinMonster’s MonsterLinks feature whether or not the cookie was set via user submission. This ensured the visitor wouldn’t have to fill out the opt-in form every time they wanted to download a different part of the book (assuming the cookie isn’t deleted, of course).

My responsibilities for the development of this website included:

  • Using Gravity Forms to create client facing forms for newsletter signup via MailChimp integration
  • Extending functionality of OptinMonster to provide a more streamlined asset download experience for users who had previously opted-in and submitted a modal form
  • Creating a custom post type for managing slideshows and carousels with responsive images and content

Additional Information

This website was a collaboration with Substance, who provided design, creative direction, and project management for this project.

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