Coming Soon

Hey now. I'll be back sooner than later! This is still a work in progress!

Life has a funny way of taking us away from the things we think we want to do and ultimately changes our path and the journey therein. Things fall out of order and go unmaintained. Eventually, we get back on track, but sometimes things just gotta change.

tl;dr: Life happens, and I became forgetful, so I decided to throw everything out, including the kitchen sink.

It’s 2am on Sunday, February 22 as I write this. Give me another week or two and the site should be ready!

There’s a handy-dandy link at the bottom where you can email me. Otherwise: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook will do.

Need to contact me?

Just because the website isn't here doesn't mean I'm not! Drop me a line. I look forward hearing from you.

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