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Brett Widmann WordPress Developer

A Central Wisconsin native living in Chicago, I’m fueled with anĀ innate passion of learning and keeping up to date with latest trends in design and the technologies used to make them a possibility. When I’m not diving into code, I’m probably at a concert.

My Skills

I have skills, and below are some of my commonly used ones.


HTML5: 94%

I love me some markup, especially some of the new features in HTML5 and the potential that is has to tranform user experience and interaction, giving developers the ability to push the limits of the browser, and beyond.


CSS3: 92%

CSS3 provides style and so much more to markup. With the new features in CSS3, it’s easier to develop rich user experiences across many types of devices. It’s not just about the desktop anymore!


JavaScript: 85%

I love me some scripting languages, especially JavaScript! Though a lot of my scripting experience comes from using jQuery, I have experience with other libraries such as AngularJS, Node.js, Highcharts, and D3.


WordPress: 96%

I live and breathe WordPress, as it’s my favorite platform to develop for. Like any other tool, it’s not perfect for everything, but definitely my go to for CMS of choice. I also dig Drupal, too.

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