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A Case Study in Social Media

Your target audience is important when it comes to any type of marketing endeavor, especially when utilizing social media. One of the most important things to realize about social networks is that not all social networks are created, nor do they function, equally. For example, if you’re targeting a demographic based on gender, let’s say […]

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Twitter 101: Twitter in the Classroom

I’ve been using Twitter for a number of years now, and much like any social media platform, it has its positives and negatives. One of the big pushes in education is the adoption of new technology to further the learning experience. This infographic gives a brief summary of Twitter, its user base, two cases studies, […]

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A Day In The Internet Infographic

With the overwhelming number of infographics filling my inbox these days, I’ve decided that the majority of them are worth the share and will be making this a daily routine. Today’s infographic comes from MBAOnline and focuses on what a day in the internet looks like in terms of media creation and consumption, as well […]

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Is Social Media Ruining Students? Infographic

An interesting infographic sent to me earlier today that I felt like sharing.  I know for a fact had I been a high school student, social media would have done an excellent job as a distraction from my studies. My college years are a prime example of this. I don’t think I would be here […]

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9 Outstanding Social Media Infographics

Infographics have really made quite the comeback recently, and those who do it right, reap the benefit of not only creating something visually appealing, but also informative and memorable.  Below are 10 infographics I’ve found that demonstrate the power of social media not only in numbers, but with compelling visuals. 1. The Internet’s Undersea World […]

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Five Great Twitter SlideShare Presentations

Twitter has become a marketing powerhouse for many avenues of business, commerce, and branding.  Twitter has made it easier for people to become closer to brands they’re loyal to, celebrities, and has created a more interactive form of dialogue across the internet where content can easily be distributed.  I’ve put together a collection of SlideShare […]

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