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Social Networking And Some Of Its Secrets

At present, almost everyone uses the social media sites. But, the matter of sorrow is that a few of them know the significance of the social media networking. In fact, it could be the greatest way to show your service or products to your targeted clients. If you think smartly, then you can get realized […]

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Benefits of Pinterest for New Bloggers

Many social media sites come up and make movements in the social media spectrum. Pinterest, an online pin-board launched in 2010 for displaying and sharing images, has grabbed huge momentum over the last several months. Ten million unique visitors come to the site every week and it already features millions of active users. Pinterest is […]

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A Case Study in Social Media

Your target audience is important when it comes to any type of marketing endeavor, especially when utilizing social media. One of the most important things to realize about social networks is that not all social networks are created, nor do they function, equally. For example, if you’re targeting a demographic based on gender, let’s say […]

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Twitter 101: Twitter in the Classroom

I’ve been using Twitter for a number of years now, and much like any social media platform, it has its positives and negatives. One of the big pushes in education is the adoption of new technology to further the learning experience. This infographic gives a brief summary of Twitter, its user base, two cases studies, […]

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A Day In The Internet Infographic

With the overwhelming number of infographics filling my inbox these days, I’ve decided that the majority of them are worth the share and will be making this a daily routine. Today’s infographic comes from MBAOnline and focuses on what a day in the internet looks like in terms of media creation and consumption, as well […]

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Pros and Cons of Social Media in Education

Another great infographic from the gang at Online Universities.  This one gives an overview of how schools use social media, what networks they use the most, and how well schools are utilizing the platforms they’ve chosen to use.  Enjoy! Please click on the image for a larger version

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20 Cases Solved By Using Facebook [Infographic]

Facebook is increasingly being used in both legal and ciminal investigations. Which, when you think about how much information people share on the site, makes sense (even though it’s incredibly creepy). Please check out this infographic that looks at various crimes committed and solved on Facebook.  Click Image for larger view Big thanks to Criminal […]

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Adding Meta Description Tags for Archive Pages in WordPress

In order to track SEO metrics for my clients, I use the SEOMoz Pro service, which is a handy tool at monitoring SEO metrics (and so much more). I’ve noticed on one of the sites I manage through the service that I’ve been missing a number of meta description tags.  For those unaware, meta description […]

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Technology Use on the American College Campus

I periodically receive links to some pretty sweet infographics. In fact, I have some more sitting in my inbox that I will be sharing soon. This one in particular looks at how technology is used on American College campuses.  Particularly, how students and faculty utilize today’s technology, their tech preferences, and how they choose to […]

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The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

Here’s an informative infographic I found over at WordStream that may be of some interest to you.  I’d say that this is a rather successful business model for Google, don’t you think? For a larger version, please click on the image. I’m not surprised that the majority of advertising is spent on insurance or finance […]

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