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Molotov iScream and Nanobot Extreme Screenshots

Hello all, I, along with a handful of other classmates, was recently interviewed by Pat Peckham from The City Pages.  The interview focused on aspects of our WDMD major at school with respect to our Flash and interactive portion of the program.  I was very happy and appreciative of the interview and the time Pat […]

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Arithmetic Operators in Flash and ActionScript 3.0

The Basics ActionScript 3.0, like most robust languages, come fully loaded to perform basic arithmetic functions.  The symbols used for arithmetic operators should be recognizable and familiar to those learned in grade school.  Here are the arithmetic operators in ActionScript 3.0: Operator Definition + Addition – Subtraction * Multiplication / Division % Modulo A unique […]

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The Molotov iScream for iPhone/iPod Touch

So… if some of you read my last post on releasing the Molotov iScream to Android, you may have been wondering where the iPhone/iPod touch version of the app was.  As of a few minutes ago, I just got the approval message from the iTunes store for the app to go live! Much like the […]

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Flash Primitive Data Types

ActionScript 3.0, like many other programming languages, contains a number of basic data types commonly known as primitives. ActionScript 3.0 contains five primitive data types, which is far less than other languages like .NET or Java. Data Type Function String A character or series of characters Boolean A value that is either true or false […]

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How To Check for Dock Icon or System Tray Icon Support in Adobe AIR

When creating Adobe AIR applications, one of the more important (and easily overlooked) things that people like is System Tray Icons (Windows) or Dock Icons (Mac) for simple user commands such as changing preferences in the application or exiting entirely. One of the many advantages of using Adobe AIR is the cross platform support, but […]

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Nanobot Extreme Facebook Fan Page

Hello everyone! This is just a small post to let everyone know that the video game I’ve been working on with Joe Motacek and Jeff Nehlsen now has a Facebook Fan Page! We created one so that we can help spread the word about the game and get more people to play it.  We’re really […]

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Nanobot Extreme!!! 0.4.5 Released!

Hello All! It’s been awhile, but Joe Motacek, Jeff Nehlsen, and I got together this weekend to work on updating our game that we made last semester for WDMD 365 called Nanobot Extreme!!! Some improvements to the latest version include: Re-design of the button on the level map Re-design of H2O/CO2 containers Added new levels […]

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Nanobot Extreme!!! Version 0.4.5 Screen Shots

It’s been awhile since Joe Motacek, Jeff Nehlsen, and I have gotten together to work on the video game. With a deadline for a contest we’d like to enter this weekend, we’ve spent a fair amount of time over the weekend (and we’re still working while I write this) to greatly improve the game, add […]

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How to Remedy Flex Error #2148

One of the most common (and least favorite) errors I see classmates encounter when they initially start out using Adobe Flex technologies is error #2148.  Here is the latest run-time error read out I receive: SecurityError: Error #2148: SWF file file:///C:/Documents and Settings/Brett/Adobe Flash Builder Beta 2/Hello World Flex4/bin-debug/main.swf cannot access local resource file:///C:/Documents and […]

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How to Create a Hello World Application in Flash Builder

This tutorial is very similar to my previous post on the same concept in Flex 3, except I am going to spend a little more time highlighting some of the key differences in Flash Builder and its predecessor Flex 3. [swfobj src="" alt="<p>Hello World Example in Flash Builder</p>" width="436" height="248" align="center" allowfullscreen="false"] Initial Observations One […]

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