Benefits of Pinterest for New Bloggers


Many social media sites come up and make movements in the social media spectrum. Pinterest, an online pin-board launched in 2010 for displaying and sharing images, has grabbed huge momentum over the last several months. Ten million unique visitors come to the site every week and it already features millions of active users. Pinterest is a platform that bloggers can largely rely on to drive traffic to their sites. Since the images and content shared on the site will come to the attention of thousands of visitors, traffic to your blogs will go up. Pinterest is one of the world’s fastest growing social sites now. Here are a few features of Pinterest for new bloggers, who look for readers.

To get more backlinks

Getting more backlinks has a growing importance in driving enough visitors. Pinterest is the best place to get more links to your site. As soon as one user (may be either the blogger or the reader) pins a post, his/her connections will see the link and may show interest. That means the home site will get more back links in the Pinterest profiles of various users. This multiplying number of links will largely help bloggers get more traffic to their site.

Image friendly

In fact, the pin-board-style online service is originally meant for image sharing. Ben Silbermann has conceived the service for theme-based image collections. Bloggers often use images within their posts. So it is easy to share the posts on Pinterest. People will be excited to see the images, which are listed under specific categories and sections. On clicking over the images, visitors can access to the blogs that have published the images originally.

To increase traffic

Every blogger longs for increased traffic to their sites. For a while, bloggers have been depending on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to share their posts with the friends and others. Pinterest is certainly one of the best platforms to share such posts with backlinks to the original sources. As long as a post is pinned by many users, the original site may get more visitors, who will certainly come back to your site if they like it on their first visit.

Lets readers find the best content

Pinterest largely helps readers find the best content. If a post is worth reading, users will pin and repin it on the site. Readers can thus find the best available content from various sites on the platform. So if you update your sites with impressive images and content, people will largely come from Pinterest to it.

Keeps your blog active

It is yet another feature of Pinterest. With lots of new users joining the service day-to-day, posts and images shared on the platform will get enough readers. Moreover, your posts will be the center of discussion on the site, thus making your blog active on Pinterest and its users.

These are five interesting things a blogger can utilize on Pinterest. With an aim to get enough traffic to the site, bloggers should add a Pinterest button in their posts alongside the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons. Readers will pin your posts and they will later drive more visitors to your site.

About The Author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She is fond of reading, writing and decorting her house. Recently an article on living room design ideas grabbed her attention. These days she is busy doing a research on iPhone hacks for her next piece.